NEW BRANDING (read all about It)!

NEW BRANDING (read all about It)!

2024 is the year for fresh beginnings and exciting changes. A few months back, I partnered with Sarah Dart Design to bring you a fresh and exciting brand.

You are probably wondering, "why, I liked your old logo"!

So did I! But, I bought It off fiverr back in 2020 so I did not own rights to It. I can never trademark It or have ownership, so the change was ought to happen down the line. I just decided now is the best time.

We took over 3 years to nail down our values, our voice and how we want to be perceived by our followers and clients. 

I gave Sarah full creative freedom with this project, only giving her some tidbits of what I see of my brand in the future. I had so much fun compiling a "mood board" for inspiration on Pinterest that I then shared with her.

My vision was: BOLD, FEMININE, FUN, LUXURIOUS, UNIQUE, FLIRTY. And.. she delivered!


Ahhh, so glad you asked!

We can't wait to implement this new branding! We do not want to be wasteful, so you will see our old branding still here and there, but we will slowly transition to this branding 100% across the board!

We cannot thank Sarah enough for this incredible job she did. We highly recommend her for anyone looking to spruce up their brand!

Let us know what you think of the new branding!

Branding credit to: Sarah Dart Design - @sarahdartdesign

- Love, Stas



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